The Best Hostels in Oslo: Top Budget-Friendly Accommodations

Written by: Chris Richardson

Travelers to Oslo, Norway’s vibrant and cosmopolitan capital, have a plethora of accommodation options to choose from.

Among these, hostels are a favourite for those on a budget, offering a place to sleep and a chance to meet fellow travellers.

These affordable accommodations often come with amenities that can enhance the travel experience, including communal spaces, events, and sometimes even free breakfast.

A vibrant cityscape with colorful buildings and a bustling street filled with backpackers and travelers exploring the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the best hostels in Oslo

The best hostels in Oslo cater to a wide range of preferences, whether you are looking for a private room or a spot in a shared dorm amongst other backpackers.

For backpackers keen on saving money without sacrificing comfort, places like Anker Apartment and Hostel offer competitive rates.

On the higher end of the hostel spectrum, establishments like K7 Hotel blend the concepts of hostel and hotel, providing a more upscale experience.

When selecting a hostel, it’s important for visitors to consider location, comfort, pricing, and the overall atmosphere.

The city’s hostels are dispersed across different neighbourhoods, each providing a unique glimpse into the capital’s daily life.

They represent a key aspect of the travel experience in Oslo, and choosing the right one can serve as a gateway to exploring the city’s renowned museums, parks, and nightlife.

Why Choose a Hostel in Oslo

A bustling common area in a modern Oslo hostel, with cozy seating, vibrant decor, and a backdrop of the city's iconic landmarks

Hostels in Oslo offer a blend of affordability, social interaction, and cultural immersion, making them an appealing option for a variety of travellers.

Budget-Friendly Options

Travellers, including backpackers and digital nomads, often seek out Oslo hostels for their economical accommodations.

Hostels like the Anker Hostel and Oslo Hostel Ronningen provide a range of room options, from private to dormitory-style, at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotels.

Meeting Other Travelers

Hostels are social hubs where one can connect with fellow solo travellers. It’s perhaps the best part of staying in a hostel outside of cheap accommodation and being kind to your travel budget.

Common areas like lounges and kitchens offer spaces to share stories and tips. The communal atmosphere is ideal for making new friends and finding travel companions.

Cultural Experience

Staying in a hostel, such as Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim, immerses travellers in the local cultural scene.

They often organize events and tours that showcase the culture of Oslo, giving guests an authentic experience of the city.

Top Rated Hostels in Oslo

A row of colorful, well-maintained buildings with inviting signs and open windows, nestled in a charming neighborhood in Oslo

Oslo presents a range of hostels catering to the needs of diverse travellers, from solo adventurers seeking a communal vibe to those craving privacy in the heart of the city.

Budget-conscious guests often find comfortable and economical options that don’t compromise quality.

Anker Hostel

Anker Hostel stands out for solo travellers and groups seeking an affordable stay without sacrificing location.

Situated conveniently, it offers both dorms and private rooms, making it a versatile choice for different budgets. It’s known for balancing cost and comfort, catering to those prioritising savings. A great option for those looking for cheap hostel accommodation.

K7 Hotel

For a more upscale hostel experience, K7 Hotel merges the concepts of hostel and hotel.

This establishment provides a touch of elegance with its private rooms and high-quality communal areas, offering a blend of luxury and sociability that’s rare in hostel accommodations.

Oslo Hostel Rønningen

Set a little away from the city centre, Oslo Hostel Rønningen offers tranquillity and respite from the city’s hustle.

With its peaceful surroundings, guests can enjoy a quieter, more reflective stay while still having access to the necessary amenities for a comfortable visit.

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim

Positioned to give guests both the greenery of the nearby hills and the convenience of the city, Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim is the perfect pick for those who appreciate nature without wanting to be far from urban attractions.

Catering effectively to youth and budget-oriented individuals, it ranks as a top choice for a budget hostel that doesn’t compromise on experiences.

Amenities and Services

A bustling common area with cozy seating, a travel desk, and a vibrant bar serving local craft beers and snacks

Hostels in Oslo offer a variety of amenities and services designed for convenience, comfort, and security.

Travellers can expect to find establishments with modern facilities catering to their needs, from digital nomads to casual city explorers.

Free Wi-Fi

Most hostels in Oslo provide free Wi-Fi, a crucial amenity for leisure and for planning the rest of your trip.

Shared and Private Rooms

Accommodation options vary from shared dorms to private rooms.

Shared rooms are economical, and you can choose from mixed or single-sex dormitories. While private rooms often have added perks like private bathrooms.

Luggage Storage and Security

Hostels typically offer luggage storage and security features for guests’ peace of mind, including personal lockers and 24-hour surveillance. Always keep your belongings locked up in your locker at all times and be aware of your surroundings.

Hostel Locations

A bustling city street with colorful buildings and signs, surrounded by greenery. A mix of modern and traditional architecture, with people coming and going

Choosing the right hostel in Oslo heavily depends on a traveller’s preferences for proximity to attractions, access to public transport, and the balance between a peaceful stay and vibrant city life.

Proximity to Attractions

In Oslo, several hostels are conveniently located near key attractions.

Staying close to Karl Johans Gate, the city’s main boulevard, allows travellers immediate access to the bustling street life, shops, and cafes.

A hostel near the Royal Palace or Akershus Fortress offers a chance to reside near historic landmarks.

Opting for a place close to these attractions can enhance a visitor’s cultural and sightseeing experience.

K7 Hotel Oslo is steps away from the Central Railway Station.

Access to Public Transport

The availability of public transport options is crucial for ease of movement around the city.

Hostels close to Oslo Central Station offer unparalleled connectivity, with trains, buses, and trams radiating to the entire city and beyond.

Guests can conveniently explore distant attractions and neighbourhoods without needing expensive taxi rides.

Oslo Hostel Rønningen is located further from the city centre but offers tranquillity and scenery.

Quiet vs. Central Districts

Travellers can choose between hostels in the Sentrum district for a central location with a lively atmosphere or for quieter districts with a more relaxed environment.

Many amenities typically surround central district hostels but may come with the hustle and bustle of city life.

Meanwhile, hostels in the suburbs or on the outskirts of Oslo offer peaceful retreats and are often surrounded by nature.

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim is located a few kilometres from the city centre. It provides a calm setting with views of the Oslo Fjord.

Planning Your Stay

Guests checking in at a modern hostel reception in Oslo, with friendly staff assisting and providing information about the city

When travelling to Oslo, selecting the right hostel can significantly impact a visitor’s experience.

From the best time to visit and make reservations to what essentials to pack, this section guides travellers through the process.

Best Time to Visit

Travellers should aim to visit Oslo during the late spring or summer months, from May to August, when the weather is warm and the days are long.

Although accommodation prices can peak during this period, it is an ideal time for exploring the city and participating in outdoor activities.

Making a Reservation

It is advisable to book accommodations in advance, particularly if travelling during the high season.

Visitors can make a reservation through various online platforms such as Hostelworld.

Each hostel’s website often provides direct booking options, sometimes at better rates. When booking, guests should check if towels and bed linen are included to avoid extra charges.

Hostel Culture and Social Life

A bustling common area with cozy seating, vibrant decor, and a communal kitchen. Guests mingle, play games, and share stories, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere

Oslo’s hostels offer vibrant social scenes and communal areas conducive to interaction and cultural exchange. Travelers can find a mix of events and inviting shared spaces to relax and socialize.

Events and Activities

Many hostels in Oslo schedule regular events to bring guests together, often reflecting the local culture and music scene. They may host live music nights featuring local bands or solo artists, cultural events such as Norwegian language workshops, or arrange city tours. Travellers can also expect to find planned social gatherings, including quiz nights or board game tournaments and group outings like city walks or hikes.

The events are curated to entertain and encourage a sense of community among travellers from around the world.

Shared Spaces and Leisure

Hostels in Oslo recognize the importance of shared spaces as the social backbone of hostel life. Key shared facilities typically include:

  • Lounges: Comfortable seating areas with couches and often a television, designed for relaxation and interaction.
  • Libraries: Quiet zones with books and reading material reflecting Norway’s culture and literary tradition.
  • Shared Kitchens: Well-equipped communal kitchens provide the amenities to prepare meals, fostering a communal dining atmosphere.
  • TV Lounges: Specific areas to watch films or sporting events, encouraging guests to gather and enjoy shared interests.

By providing these facilities, hostels in Oslo facilitate a social environment where guests can engage in leisure activities, share travel stories, and connect with fellow travellers in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling hostel lobby in Oslo, with travelers chatting, checking in, and browsing a "Frequently Asked Questions" board on the wall

What are the top-rated hostels in Oslo for young travellers?

For young travellers, Anker Hostel is highly rated for its vibrant social atmosphere and central location, making it a favourite for backpackers and solo adventurers.

Can you recommend budget-friendly hostels in central Oslo?

Anker Apartment offers affordable accommodation within a robust backpacking environment. It’s centrally located, providing budget-conscious travellers a convenient base for exploring the city.

Which hostels in Oslo offer the best amenities for adult guests?

K7 Hostel is known for offering excellent amenities, including free breakfast and towels, catering to adult guests looking for a more upscale hostel experience.

How much should I expect to pay for a hostel stay in Oslo, Norway?

The cost of a hostel stay in Oslo can vary, but travellers should generally expect to pay anywhere from 250 to 600 NOK per night, depending on the room type and the hostel’s location.

What neighbourhoods in Oslo are most recommended for hostel stays?

Travellers often prefer hostels in neighbourhoods like Grünerløkka for its bohemian vibe and proximity to trendy cafes and bars or near the Oslo Central Station for convenience.

Are there any notable hostels in Oslo located near major tourist attractions?

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim is a serene location with easy access to the city centre. This puts travellers within reach of major tourist attractions like Akershus Fortress and the Royal Palace.