Do Hostels Have Lockers For Luggage And Are They Safe

Written by: Chris Richardson

Yes, hostels do provide lockers for luggage storage, and yes, the hostel lockers are safe. Lockers are most commonly found in your shared dorm room or private room. However, some hostels have them located in the hallways outside of your room when space is limited. Based on my hostel experience, I’ve only ever seen this once, so it’s not that common, I don’t believe.

The type of locker the hostel provides will depend on the hostel. Some hostels may offer standard school-type lockers, while others are cages under the bed or a lockable cupboard big enough to climb in. It varies greatly, which is why packing light and with a backpacker is best, as it gives you the most flexibility to fit your belongings.

Lockers are always free to use, but you need to bring a padlock to lock them up. It’s not common for hostels to provide the lock, but if a lock is provided, I’d still opt to use your own so you know for sure you are the only one that can open it. Hostels tend to have locks for sale if you don’t have one or your lock does not fit as a backup.

Where Do You Store Your Luggage In A Hostel?

When staying in a hostel, you should aim to store all your luggage and belongings in your provided locker. If the hostel doesn’t have a locker, consider booking a different hostel. If they don’t take security seriously, what else are they not looking after?

If you arrive at the hostel before you can check-in or need to leave your luggage or backpack with the hostel after check-out, it is possible. Many hostels have a storage room or office area near reception where you can leave your bags. This room is a shared room and may not always be a locked room, so while your bags should be safe, I recommend locking your bags up via the zippers if you can.

And take your valuable items with you in your daypack if they will fit and it’s practical to do so.

How Big Are The Lockers?

Lockers come in various shapes and sizes and are usually bigger than you might think. If you travel with a backpack, assume you’ll have no issues fitting the backpack in.

But there are exceptions to the rule, which is another reason to travel light. You can usually tell from reviews of the hostel before you book if people find the lockers too small or have problems with them. Most hostels offer reasonably sized lockers as they understand the type of bags people travel with when they book hostels.

If you find the hostel has a small locker, I recommend you empty the main items you want to keep safe in the locker and then lock your backpack to your bed and lock your backpack via the zips so it can not be opened.

Do Hostels Have Lockers For Suitcases?

A hostel room showing how big lockers could be

I want to say yes. Most hostels will have lockers that would fit a standard suitcase but let me preface that with one caveat. The locker size and availability can vary depending on the hostel, so it is always best to check with the specific hostel directly ahead of time to make sure. It’s also worth checking the hostel faqs for extra advice if you can’t call or email them.

If you are a traveller with an especially large suitcase or a hard-shell suitcase, you may need to look for a different option to keep your items safe. You could lock your suitcase to your bed and lock the suitcase or take out the most important things and put them in the locker and leave the rest in your locked suitcase.

I’ll try to avoid the whole suitcases vs backpackers debate as that is a topic for another day, but if you can avoid travelling with a bulky suitcase, do so. You will need far fewer belongings than you think, and it can sometimes be difficult carrying a suitcase with you, especially if the hostel has a lot of stairs.

Are Hostel Lockers Safe

Hostel lockers are generally safe, but it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to ensure the belongings you bring to a hostel are secure. This is why it is recommended you travel with a couple of different size padlock options to secure the locker you are assigned. A combination lock is the best lock for a locker as it saves you from carrying a key. The reason for more than one padlock is that each locker will have a different size latch.

Many hostels don’t have 24-hour security, but the reception is usually manned till late, which adds an extra layer of protection. In addition to this, your room needs a key or code to enter it. When the reception is closed, you will have to enter the hostel by key or security pass.

Do I Need To Use A Locker

You can, of course, opt not to use the locker in the hostel at all. Depending on how you travel and what you bring, you may find you’ll always have your most valuable items with you at all times. Think passport, computer, phone, wallet or purse and a camera, for example.

I’ve stayed in hostels and always felt safe and never felt like someone was going to steal from me. You have to remember, however, that people often act on impulse, and if they see a phone or wallet lying around they may be tempted to take it. This is more likely to happen in a common room of the hostel. Stealing from someone you share a room with that you know is locked at all times makes things far more awkward if you call them on it. But it can happen.

What If Something Gets Stolen

If something of yours is stolen from you or your hostel locker, you should contact the hostel staff immediately. Describe to them where you last saw or left it and any other information you have. The staff are limited in what they can do as your items are your responsibility, but the hostel also doesn’t want to be known as a place where stuff gets stolen either.

As long as you are proactive with your security and lock everything up as best, you can. Everything should be safe in the hostel. Like you, all the other people there don’t want their stuff stolen and want to have fun, make friends and have a great hostel experience. I can guarantee all the other hostel guests are just as worried about having something stolen as you are.