Hi, my name is Chris, and The Hostel Guide is my escape to a life I love when I can’t be in it. I took off to backpack Europe in my late 20s, and the experience of solo travelling and hostel life has stuck with me ever since.

Along the way, I started a blog called The Aussie Nomad to document my trip and share my knowledge. That was a wonderful experience, but as I’m far less nomadic but still very much in love with travel, I wanted a new outlet to share what I’ve learnt with the world.

I credit my first trip as a growing moment and cannot recommend it enough to anybody I meet. Without that trip, I’d never have gained enough confidence to do half the things I’ve achieved in my life.

If you were ever on the fence about heading off to backpack abroad, I say go for it. The friends you’ll make, the experiences you’ll have and the benefit for yourself is immense.

Chris standing in front of of the Musée du Louvre
Exploring Paris on my second day abroad.