The Best Hostels in Berlin for 2024: Affordable Accommodation Options

Written by: Chris Richardson

Berlin is a vast city steeped in history and bursting at the seams with culture. On my first visit there, I got lost multiple times (why do train stations need two names?) but discovered some fantastic people, street art and food that made it all worth it.

It is also a city that offers excellent accommodation options to suit any traveller’s budget.

Among these, hostels stand out as a popular choice, providing a place to sleep and a communal vibe that fosters interaction and exchange. There’s nothing more fun than meeting others travelling Europe and exchanging stories.

They cater to varying preferences, whether you are a solo traveller seeking new friendships, a digital nomad needing reliable Wi-Fi, or a family looking for a comfortable and engaging stay.

A bustling common area with cozy seating, vibrant decor, and travelers socializing. Brightly lit with large windows and a view of the city

The hostels in Berlin are often recognized for their unique character, blending the city’s historical charm with modern amenities.

They are strategically located across the city, offering convenient access to public transport and proximity to prominent landmarks.

For travellers aiming to explore the city’s nightlife, some hostels serve as gateways to Berlin’s vibrant party scene, while others offer tranquil retreats for those searching for rest after a day of sightseeing.

Berlin’s hostels frequently organise tours, events, and community dinners, encouraging guests to delve into the local culture. 

Each hostel in Berlin has a personality all of its own, tailored to meet the expectations and enhance the experience of its guests, ensuring their stay is a memorable part of their journey through the German capital.

Why Choose a Hostel in Berlin?

A bustling street in Berlin, with vibrant graffiti-covered buildings and a diverse crowd of travelers entering a trendy hostel

Berlin, renowned for its vibrant culture and history, offers a range of hostels perfect for budget travellers and backpackers.

These hostels offer affordability, promote a social atmosphere, and provide a unique cultural experience.


Berlin’s hostels are a boon for budget travellers. They offer an economical alternative to hotels, making the city centre accessible to backpackers and those travelling on a tight budget.

From the central locations like Mitte to the artsy precincts of Prenzlauer Berg, there’s a range of hostels that balance cost with comfort.

Depending on the hostel’s amenities and location, average prices for dorm beds can range from as little as €10 to €30 per night.

Social Atmosphere

Hostels in Berlin are renowned for their social atmosphere. They are a melting pot for travellers from around the world, offering shared spaces such as lounges, kitchens, and bars.

This environment is ideal for solo travellers or those looking to meet new people.

Communal areas in hostels often facilitate interaction and may host events such as group tours, walking tours or social nights.

Cultural Experience

Opting for a hostel in Berlin can enhance one’s cultural experience.

Hostels often reflect the local character and history, and staff can provide insights into the best local attractions, eateries, and hidden gems that tourists might typically overlook.

Hostel staff are invaluable resources for recommendations on off-the-beaten-path sights and experiences.

Top Rated Hostels in Berlin

A bustling street in Berlin with colorful buildings, a mix of modern and historic architecture, and a sign displaying "Top Rated Hostels in Berlin."

Berlin’s hostel scene caters to a wide array of preferences, featuring accommodations that range from the bustling heart of the Mitte district to the vibrant streets of Kreuzberg.

Discerning travellers can find options tailored to solo journeys, familial trips, and those searching for a community of digital nomads or a vibrant party environment.

Mitte Area Hostels

Generator Berlin Mitte: This centrally located hostel offers the convenience of being amidst the city’s historic core. It is known for its chic design and comfortable amenities.

Heart of Gold Hostel: Inspired by the science fiction classic ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ this hostel provides a unique stay with its thematic elements and central location.

Kreuzberg Hostels

Kiez Hostel Berlin: Ideal for travellers seeking a cultural experience, Kiez Hostel provides a local atmosphere and is situated in one of Berlin’s most dynamic neighbourhoods.

Friedrichshain Hostels

Sunflower Hostel: Celebrated for its spirited vibe and mural-adorned walls, it is a favourite among those looking to experience Berlin’s famed nightlife.

Prenzlauer Berg Hostels

Pfefferbett Hostel: Nestled in a former brewery, this hostel combines historical architecture with modern comforts, making it attractive for digital nomads and culture enthusiasts.

Neukölln Hostels

The Cat’s Pajamas Hostel: This hostel is lauded for its clean, modern facilities and the perks of being in one of Berlin’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

Hostel Life in Berlin

A bustling common room with travelers socializing, playing games, and sharing stories. The walls adorned with colorful graffiti and maps of the city

Berlin’s hostels are known for their vibrant communal spaces and many events that tap into the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

They cater to a diverse crowd, from solo backpackers to art enthusiasts, offering more than a place to sleep.

Social Events & Activities

Hostels in Berlin are social hubs where one can participate in various activities to foster interaction and fun.

They often schedule pub crawls, free walking tours, live music nights, and trivia competitions, allowing travellers to mingle and experience local nightlife together.

Some hostel staff organize art and cultural outings, such as visiting Berlin’s numerous museums and galleries.

Activities like table tennis tournaments in the common areas provide a lively alternative for those who prefer staying in.

Pub Crawls are a staple for the party-seeking backpacker, offering a guided tour through various local bars and clubs.

Art & Culture activities, including museum visits, reflect Berlin’s historical richness and contemporary art scene.

In-Hostel Entertainment events like trivia nights and table tennis matches ensure guests have something to look forward to within the hostel walls.

Dining & Bars

The hostels in Berlin come equipped with various dining options ranging from on-site bars to breakfast spreads that cater to a backpacker’s budget and palate.

The bars within hostels are not just about the drinks; they’re also social centres that feature happy hour specials, encouraging guests to socialize over affordable beverages.

Many hostels also feature cafes or partnerships with local restaurants, allowing guests to savour Berlin’s culinary offerings.

Breakfast: Typically includes a range of options from continental to full buffet styles.

Bars: Hostel bars often provide a casual atmosphere with happy hour specials.

Cafes & Restaurants: Sit-down options or affiliated eateries where guests can grab a bite or enjoy a coffee.

Exploring Berlin from Your Hostel

A traveler gazes out from a hostel window, overlooking the bustling streets of Berlin. The city's iconic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere are visible in the distance

When selecting a hostel in Berlin, travellers should prioritize easy access to public transportation and proximity to major attractions. These factors are critical for a hassle-free and enriching exploration of the city.

Public Transportation Access

Berlin boasts an efficient and extensive public transportation network known as the BVG.

Travellers should look for hostels connected to the U-Bahn (underground metro) since it offers a quick way to traverse the city.

Key U-Bahn stations include Alexanderplatz and Hauptbahnhof, as they are central hubs connecting multiple lines.

A hostel near these stations allows tourists to navigate Berlin, reaching diverse neighbourhoods and sights effortlessly easily.

Hostels Closest to U-Bahn Stations:

  • Circus Hostel: Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn
  • EastSeven Berlin Hostel: Senefelderplatz U-Bahn
  • Grand Hostel Berlin Classic: Möckernbrücke U-Bahn

Proximity to Major Attractions

Hostels in Berlin often brag about being close to key attractions.

Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site home to five of Berlin’s significant museums. It can be easily accessed from hostels situated in the central Mitte district.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall remnants, and East Side Gallery are also top sights that should be within a reasonable distance from the hostel.

Hostel & Major Attraction Proximity:

  • Circus Hostel: Near Rosenthaler Platz, close to galleries and the Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Grand Hostel Berlin Classic: In proximity to Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum
  • EastSeven Berlin Hostel: A short walk to Volkspark Friedrichshain and near Alexanderplatz

Travellers should consider hostels that offer them the convenience of being within a stone’s throw of Berlin’s historic landmarks, eclectic neighbourhoods, and vibrant street art scenes.

Special Interest Hostels

A row of colorful, well-maintained buildings with vibrant signage, nestled in a bustling neighborhood of Berlin

Berlin’s hostels cater to various interests, from art and eco-conscious living to party scenes and tranquil retreats.

Travelers can also find work-focused accommodations, blending comfort with connectivity for digital nomads.

Eco and Art Hostels

Circus Hostel offers a lively atmosphere and a commitment to sustainability. It boasts solar panels and a microbrewery, satisfying both eco-friendly and craft beer enthusiasts.

MEININGER Berlin Tiergarten showcases modern design and is an excellent choice for lovers of minimalist art and green living.

Party Hostels

Grand Hostel Berlin and St. Christopher’s Berlin are the go-to options for those seeking a vibrant night scene.

These hostels are renowned for their social atmospheres and often host events where guests can mingle and party.

Quiet Retreats

EastSeven Berlin provides a serene environment for a peaceful escape, ideal for rest and relaxation.

It’s a tranquil space where guests can enjoy quiet time and engage in reflective activities such as yoga.

Work-Focused Accommodations

Pfefferbett Hostel caters to digital nomads with its work-friendly environment, featuring fast Wi-Fi and plenty of productive spaces.

Design enthusiasts will appreciate the hostel’s historical architecture and modern amenities blend.

Seasonal Considerations

The hostel's exterior is adorned with colorful seasonal decorations, while a cozy common area inside features warm lighting and festive accents

When planning a hostel stay in Berlin, travellers should be keenly aware of the seasonal dynamics that influence availability, prices, and overall atmosphere. Summer and off-peak seasons offer distinct experiences.

Summertime Vibes

During summer, Berlin’s hostels brim with energy and a lively vibe.

This is peak season in Germany, with hostels often hosting events to encourage social interaction among travellers.

Prices can be higher due to increased demand, but the benefit is a rich, multicultural environment where guests from all over Europe and beyond converge.

Off-Peak Advantages

When the peak season wanes, Berlin’s hostels present certain perks.

The colder months tend to see a drop in prices and fewer guests, which can be advantageous for travellers seeking more tranquillity or individual attention from staff.

Many hostels leverage this time to offer special deals and enhance their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling hostel in Berlin, with tourists checking in, staff assisting, and a vibrant atmosphere

Which hostels in Berlin are best for solo travellers?

For solo travellers, EastSeven Berlin Hostel is often recommended due to its welcoming atmosphere and communal spaces that make it easy to meet other guests.

Can you recommend some hostels in Berlin with a vibrant party atmosphere?

St. Christopher’s Berlin is well-known for its lively social scene and frequent hostel parties, appealing to travellers looking to enjoy Berlin’s renowned nightlife.

What area in Berlin is most convenient for travellers staying in hostels?

The central Mitte district is convenient for travellers staying in hostels, granting easy access to public transportation, major landmarks, and various dining and shopping options.

How do hostel prices compare to hotel prices in Berlin?

Berlin hostel prices are generally much lower than hotel prices, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers.

They offer shared dorms and private rooms for a fraction of the cost of hotels.

Are any central hostels in Berlin highly recommended for budget travellers?

Grand Hostel Berlin and Circus Hostel are centrally located and highly recommended for budget travellers. This is due to their competitive prices, quality amenities, and prime locations near city attractions.