What Is A Party Hostel? – Things To Expect

Written by: Chris Richardson

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to travel? Want to make new friends from around the world while exploring new places? Do you like to dance the night away and enjoy a good party with a few drinks?  A stay at a party hostel may be exactly what you need. We’ll cover all the basics about what a party hostel is and how it can help you have an unforgettable experience abroad in Europe or the world the next time you travel.

What to Expect in a Party Hostel

Party hostels are a great option for travellers looking for an affordable way to stay in a very social atmosphere. They offer dorm rooms and attract a younger crowd of travellers looking to have a good time, explore the nightlife and make new friends. 

Everyone should stay in a party hostel on your travels at least once or twice. I’ve stayed in a few. I booked the first one by accident and ended up catching up with a bunch of English lads hungover, exhausted, and with lifelong memories by the end (at least the ones I could still remember). 

Party hostels are popular with backpackers seeking to experience the nightlife in a particular location. The hostels provide an array of party events and offer a more energetic vibe to the hostel, such as:

  • Drinking games / beer pong
  • Onsite bar
  • Dancing and loud music
  • A big focus on fun and the social gatherings
  • Organised pub crawls and nightclub outings

Looking for a place to crash? Enjoy good company and having fun with others? Then party hostels are the perfect option for you.

Features of a Party Hostel

Party hostels are great for those who want a fun and social travelling experience. These hostels offer various features that make them ideal for party-goer backpacker’s and travellers alike. You’ll often find they provide access to plenty of bars and clubs in the surrounding area and on-site nightclubs and bars as the key selling point compared to a normal hostel.

Guests can also enjoy free movies, pool tables, and free wifi access. There’s always a hostel bar onsite which becomes the main hub of the hostel day and night, and it’s always noisy. 

The friendly staff at these lively hostels often organize nightly parties, pub crawls, boat cruises and more to keep guests entertained. In short, there’s always something to do.

Many activities will depend on where you are in the world as to the exact features the hostel will offer. Party hostels in Europe, for instance, will offer different events and activities compared to party hostels in Asia. So be sure to read the reviews and descriptions of the hostel before booking.

Advantages of Staying in a Party Hostel

Party hostels are a great way to meet people, with many common areas and an atmosphere encouraging socialising. But there are plenty of other benefits to staying in a party hostel other than to party.

Staying in a party hostel is an affordable way to travel, especially for groups. Not only does it allow everyone to share the cost of accommodation, but it also means you can save on other expenses such as meals. The hostels often have kitchens and common areas, so you can cook together and save on dining out. It’s also perfect for solo travellers, as the lively atmosphere makes it easy to make friends, and there are often activities to join throughout the day and night. 

The hostel staff at the front desk can offer multiple services that include express check-in or check-out, and they are usually close to plenty of bars and clubs. Plus, some hostels have on-site nightclubs and rooftop bars for an unforgettable party experience where you never have to leave the hostel.

Disadvantages of Staying in a Party Hostel

Despite the advantages of staying in a party hostel, there are some potential drawbacks. The most obvious downside is the lack of privacy, as you may share a room with up to 20 others. Party hostels tend to focus more on the party side, so room sizes and comforts are sometimes less than a regular hostel. Also, party hostels will generally attract a younger crowd, meaning if you’re looking for a more mature atmosphere, this isn’t the right choice. 

Furthermore, the unhygienic nature of some top party hostels can also be an issue. Usually, the people working at party hostels are fun-loving locals or longer-tenured travellers, which can put off some travellers looking for a more serious environment. Finally, you can get stuck in the anti-travel routine of being in a party hostel and extending your stay to keep having fun. This can lead to sleep deprivation and other issues disrupting your travel plans. 

Tips for Staying in a Party Hostel

Travelling alone in a party hostel is a great way to meet others. It’s practically impossible not to make friends in one. The atmosphere of a party hostel is usually quite relaxed, and the people staying there usually look to have a good time.

Here are some tips for staying in party hostels to ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Bring earplugs and a sleeping mask. Party hostels can be quite noisy at night, so sleeping in the hostel at any time of the day or night is a bit harder.

Check the notice board or reception for information about events and activities in the area. Many party hostels will have information about local attractions and activities, so check it out!

Don’t overstay your welcome. Party hostels tend to have rotating guests, so try and keep your stay short and sweet. While a lot of fun, too much of a good thing can negatively impact your experience and bank account. Don’t forget there are a lot of other great places to see.

Be friendly. Everyone at a party hostel wants to have a good time and make friends, so don’t be afraid to talk with other guests!

Find a Party Hostel

Finding the best party hostel in your chosen city or country can be daunting, but with the right research, you can find the perfect hostel for your needs. One of the best places to start is reviewing reviews on sites like HostelWorld. 

This way, you can get an idea of what previous guests have to say about the hostel and its facilities before booking. Remember that when searching for a party hostel, it’s important to ensure it fits your needs. Take some time to look at the website of hostels and read their online reviews before deciding.

What is the Age Limit for Party Hostels

Generally, most party hostels attract guests between the ages of 18 and 30, given the activities and vibe. Older guests are often discouraged from booking a party hostel to ensure the atmosphere is kept safe and friendly.

Alternatives to Party Hostels

If partying is not your thing and you’d prefer something a little more relaxed, there are plenty of alternatives to party hostels. Luxury and boutique hostels are great for those who want a little extra comfort and style, while adventure and eco-friendly hostels are perfect for travellers looking for an immersive experience in nature.

Beach and jungle hostels offer a unique way to stay close to the ocean or the rainforest, while historical and cultural hostels are great for those who want to learn more about a destination’s history and traditions. Lastly, youth hostels are great for budget-conscious travellers looking for a fun and social atmosphere.

Party Hostels are for Everyone

Overall, a party hostel is a great way to travel if you’re looking for a fun and exciting experience. Party hostels are perfect for those looking to meet new people, experience the nightlife and make memories that will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t plan on partying the night away, party hostels offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, great food, and an overall enjoyable experience. No matter what kind of traveller you are, there is something for everyone at a party hostel.