The Best Hostels in Tallinn: Affordable and Highly Rated Options

Written by: Chris Richardson

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, boasts a well-preserved medieval heritage married to modern amenities and a vibrant cultural scene.

These diverse elements make the city an appealing destination for all travellers, from history enthusiasts to party seekers.

Tallinn offers a range of hostels ideal for budget-conscious tourists to meet the demand for affordable yet comfortable accommodations.

Not only do these hostels provide economical lodging, but they also serve as social hubs where travellers can meet and share experiences.

A cozy common area with travelers chatting, playing board games, and enjoying a warm drink in the best hostels in Tallinn

Selecting the ideal hostel in Tallinn depends on a traveller’s needs and preferences.

Some hostels cater to guests looking for lively common areas and organized events, creating an atmosphere ripe for making new friends and enjoying the city’s nightlife.

Others prioritize providing a quiet, serene environment where digital nomads and solo adventurers can work and rest without interruption.

Moreover, the placement of these hostels throughout the city varies greatly, with options available in the historic Old Town, the trendy district of Kalamaja, and other dynamic locales.

Regardless of one’s preferences, there are hostels in Tallinn that stand out for their unique combination of value, location, and amenities.

These range from party hostels in the heart of the city to tranquil retreats offering private rooms and capsule accommodations.

Essential amenities like free Wi-Fi, communal kitchens, and 24-hour reception are commonly found across these establishments, ensuring guests have a comfortable and convenient stay while exploring the charm of Tallinn.

Why Choose Hostels in Tallinn

A bustling hostel in Tallinn, with cozy common areas and modern amenities. Guests socialize and relax, while staff provide friendly service

Hostels in Tallinn offer an array of benefits for travelers looking for budget accommodation without compromising on the charm and vibrancy of Estonia’s capital. They embody an ideal blend of affordability, social atmosphere, and convenience.

Firstly, budget-conscious travellers find hostels to be a financially savvy option. They provide a range of cost-effective solutions, from dormitory-style rooms to private accommodations for those desiring more privacy.

Hostels offer some of the most competitive prices in Tallinn, allowing visitors to allocate more funds to experiences rather than lodging.

Many hostels are situated near Tallinn’s Old Town, affording easy access to historical sites and nightlife.

For solo travellers or those looking to meet fellow wanderers, the communal nature of hostels fosters a welcoming environment to exchange travel stories and tips.

Hostels often organize activities and tours that build a community among guests.

An added perk for digital nomads is the availability of free WiFi, and some hostels now cater specifically to this group, ensuring quiet spaces for work.

Hostels in Tallinn are about more than just a place to sleep; they offer a gateway to explore and enjoy the city with ease, comfort, and a touch of Estonian hospitality. They are ideal for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in the city’s culture while staying connected with like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Top-rated Hostels in Tallinn

Vibrant cityscape of Tallinn with top-rated hostels nestled within the historic streets, bustling with activity and charm

Tallinn, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, offers a variety of hostels to cater to the needs of travellers.

Fat Margaret’s Hostel is a popular choice, particularly praised for its prime location in the Kalamaja district and its facilities, such as free WiFi and a well-equipped kitchen.

The hostel organizes events, contributing to a friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent spot for those looking to socialize and meet fellow travelers.

Tallinn Backpackers stands out for its lively vibe and is often favoured by those looking to experience the city’s nightlife.

The hostel is nestled in the Old Town, providing easy access to historical sites and local cuisine. With a reputation for cleanliness and friendly staff, guests are guaranteed a comfortable stay.

For travellers who prefer a quieter atmosphere, Imaginary Hostel offers a tranquil setting. It is equipped with a range of facilities, including a communal kitchen and free WiFi, ensuring a seamless stay.

Old Town Munkenhof is situated in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, ideal for travellers who wish to stay close to major tourist attractions.

It’s regarded as a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, offering both dormitory and private rooms.

Viru Backpackers Hostel, another Old Town gem, provides a cosy setup with a welcoming environment. They often boast about their clean facilities and the convenience of having a variety of room options.

Knight House scores high on comfort and the preservation of historical charm, housing guests in a building that reflects the city’s past.

Lastly, Tabinoya Travellers House provides an inclusive package of comfort with a side of culture. Here, guests can expect a hearty breakfast, essential amenities, and opportunities for cultural exchanges.

Hostel Amenities for Comfortable Stay

A cozy common area with plush seating, a well-stocked kitchen, and modern bathrooms in the best hostels in Tallinn

When selecting a hostel in Tallinn, travellers prioritize amenities that enhance comfort and convenience.

Private rooms and dorms are typically available, catering to various preferences and privacy levels.

Cleanliness is paramount, and most establishments ensure a clean environment with regular maintenance of private and shared bathrooms.

Many hostels in Tallinn understand the importance of connectivity and offer free Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay connected with family or manage work remotely.

For a more unique and modern experience, some hostels provide sleeping capsules, which offer a sense of privacy in a shared space.

Those who prefer self-catering have access to hostels with kitchen facilities, often including a shared kitchen stocked with essential cooking equipment.

Meanwhile, vending machines provide convenient options for a quick bite or drink.

For moments of downtime, some hostels feature extras such as a sauna, which offers relaxation and a peek into Finnish-influenced Estonian culture.

Whether guests seek the communal atmosphere of dormitory-style rooms or the solitude of private rooms, the range of facilities available ensures a comfortable stay.

Choosing the Right Location

A colorful map of Tallinn with various hostel options, surrounded by landmarks and vibrant city streets

Finding the ideal hostel in Tallinn depends significantly on personal preferences for atmosphere, convenience, and cultural offerings.

Each distinct area of Tallinn offers travellers unique benefits, from Old Town’s historic ambience to the trendy vibe in Kalamaja.

Old Town Charms

In the heart of Tallinn, the Old Town is renowned for its well-preserved cobbled streets and rich history.

Hostels in this area cater to those eager to immerse themselves in culture and architecture.

Old Town Backpackers is often preferred for its proximity to numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars housed within medieval buildings, ensuring that both nightlife and culture are just steps away.

Vibrant Kalamaja District

To the northwest of the city centre, Kalamaja is known as a bohemian hub with a concentration of young locals, students, and digital nomads.

This district’s charming wooden homes are interspersed with cool cafes, bars, and restaurants.

It’s an ideal spot for those who appreciate a lively culture meshed with a community feel while still being close to the city’s central amenities.

Proximity to Transport and Education

Travellers who prioritize ease of mobility should consider hostels near key transport hubs, such as the train station.

Being close to transport facilitates exploration within and beyond the capital.

Additionally, those visiting for educational purposes might prefer accommodations near institutions like Tallinn University of Technology, enabling quick commutes to campus.

Near Major Attractions

For those intent on sightseeing, selecting a hostel near major attractions like Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Town Hall and Fat Margaret’s Tower can save time and travel costs.

Staying nearby allows for more spontaneous and extensive explorations of the city’s historic churches and cultural landmarks without frequent transportation.

Hostel Types for Every Traveler

Tallinn offers a diverse range of hostels tailored to meet the specific needs of different types of travellers, from lively party environments to serene, family-friendly accommodations.

Each hostel type provides distinct amenities and atmospheres, ensuring every visitor finds their ideal match.

A row of colorful buildings in Tallinn, with signs displaying "hostel" in various languages. A mix of modern and historic architecture, surrounded by cobblestone streets and lush greenery

Backpackers and Solo Travelers

Hostels like Fat Margaret’s and Red Emperor Hostel stand out for backpackers and solo travellers.

They allow socializing in common rooms and are typically equipped with free Wi-Fi, enhancing their appeal for those looking to connect with fellow travellers.

Couples and Intimate Options

Capsule Hostel Tallinn offers private rooms, presenting a stylish and cosy environment for couples seeking intimacy without sacrificing the hostel experience.

Such hostels prioritize the balance between community engagement and personal space.

Family-Friendly and Quiet Accommodations

For family travel, options like MJK Hostel cater to a quieter and safer environment.

Choosing a family-friendly hostel often means more private rooms are available, ensuring privacy and a tranquil atmosphere for adults and children.

Partying and Social Vibe Hostels

Lai 22 is known as the best party hostel in Tallinn, where the focus is on nightlife and socializing.

Such hostels regularly host events and are oriented towards travellers looking to experience Tallinn’s vibrant party scene.

Business and Digital Nomad Facilities

Hostels recognize the needs of digital nomads and business travellers, providing facilities like Fat Margaret’s with free Wi-Fi and dedicated workspaces.

The presence of acommon room also allows for a blend of work and social interactions.

Cost of Staying in Hostels

A cozy hostel in Tallinn, with colorful bunk beds, communal kitchen, and friendly atmosphere

When planning to stay in Tallinn, understanding the hostel pricing and being aware of seasonal rate fluctuations can significantly impact one’s budget.

Understanding Hostel Pricing

Hostel accommodation in Tallinn varies widely in average price, primarily based on the type of room and the amenities offered.

Dormitory beds generally range from €10 to €12 per night, while those seeking a bit more privacy can expect to pay for a private room starting from €33 to €75 per night.

Prices reflect the hostel’s location, the number of beds per room, and additional services such as private lockers or en-suite facilities.

Seasonal Rates and Booking Dates

Hostels in Tallinn typically adjust their rates based on the season, with prices potentially increasing during high tourist seasons such as summer and around major holidays.

Travellers should book their accommodations in advance, particularly during peak periods.

Booking dates can significantly influence the cost, with same-day bookings sometimes being more expensive than those made well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling hostel lobby with a colorful sign reading "Frequently Asked Questions" and a map of Tallinn on the wall. Guests chat and check in at the front desk

What are the top-rated hostels in Tallinn’s Old Town?

The Old Town Munkenhof is frequently mentioned as a top-rated option for travelers wishing to stay in the heart of Tallinn’s historic center.

Another highly regarded choice is the Monks Bunk Hostel & Bar, which offers modern facilities and proximity to local attractions.

How do female solo travellers rate their experience in Tallinn hostels?

Female solo travellers often rate their experiences positively in Tallinn hostels, particularly at hostel options emphasising security and community, such as Fat Margaret’s, which offers a comfortable and safe environment.

According to reviews, which hostels in Tallinn offer the best value for money?

Travellers seeking good value for money have highlighted Lai 22 as the best party hostel and the Capsule Hostel Tallinn as the best for those looking for private rooms at a reasonable cost, providing both comfort and affordability.

Can you recommend hostels in Tallinn that are close to public transportation hubs?

MJK Hostel is located within a reasonable walking distance from Lake Ülemiste, a major transportation hub, offering convenience for those relying on public transit, free WiFi and private parking.

What are the options for hostels in Tallinn that provide a social atmosphere?

For a social atmosphere, Lai 22 stands out as a party hostel.

Similarly, The Monks Bunk Hostel & Bar is known for daily events, activities, and a lively bar scene, drawing travelers looking for an engaging experience.

Are there any unique hosteling experiences in Tallinn that come highly recommended?

Travelers looking for a unique stay often seek hostels like Fat Margaret’s for its combination of historical ambiance and modern amenities for digital nomads.

This hostel is highly recommended for those looking for a distinctive Estonian hosteling experience.