The Best Hostels in Prague: Our Tips to Guide Your Stay

Written by: Chris Richardson

Prague, the historic heart of the Czech Republic, boasts an array of accommodations to suit every kind of traveller. Still, its hostels are particularly renowned for their value and vibrant social scenes.

Among the cobblestone streets, these hostels provide a budget-friendly bed for the night and a unique opportunity to meet fellow wanderers.

Colorful buildings line cobblestone streets in Prague. A lively atmosphere surrounds the best hostels, with tourists chatting and exploring the city

With various options catering to different preferences, from the social butterfly to the solo adventurer, the city’s hostels have become a critical part of the Prague travel experience.

Identifying the best hostels in Prague is a matter of matching personal travel needs with the amenities on offer.

Some hostels are known for their social atmosphere, organizing activities such as city and castle tours, pub crawls, and cooking classes, perfect for travellers looking to engage with new people.

Others prioritize comfort and privacy, with modern facilities and smaller, more intimate settings for those preferring a quieter stay.

Owing to their popularity, it is recommended that you book in advance, especially during high season, to secure a spot at these sought-after locations.

Regarding quality, many Prague hostels consistently rank among the best in Europe.

Facilities at these hostels often include the basics and added luxuries like in-house cafés, private gardens, or bespoke bunk designs, all of which aim to enhance the traveller’s stay.

Accessibility is another significant advantage, with several top-rated hostels within walking distance of Prague’s most iconic landmarks, easing the way for explorers eager to delve into the city’s rich history and culture.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Hostels

Brightly lit hostel lobby with modern furnishings and cozy seating areas. A reception desk with friendly staff welcomes guests. A wall adorned with maps and local attractions

When searching for the best hostels in Prague, always consider factors such as location, room options, amenities, cultural atmosphere, and value for the price.

Location and Accessibility

Hostels close to Prague’s Old Town Square, such as Franz Kafka Hostel, offer an advantage in location, situating guests near landmarks like Charles Bridge and the Prague Astronomical Clock.

Accessibility to public transport and ease of reaching popular sights are key to evaluating a hostel’s location.

Room Types and Privacy Features

The best hostels offer a range of room types, from private rooms to dorms, catering to various privacy needs and group sizes.

Features to look for include privacy curtains in dorms, lockers for secure storage, and well-designed spaces that balance sociability and privacy.

Amenities and Facilities

A hostel’s value is also reflected in its amenities.

Look for features like free Wi-Fi, clean and equipped communal kitchens, laundry services, and perhaps a bar or cafe on-site.

Hostel Downtown, for instance, is known for its additional offerings, such as city tours and pub crawls, that enhance the guest experience.

Hostel Atmosphere and Culture

The atmosphere can significantly shape a traveller’s stay.

Some hostels in Prague are known for their vibrant social scenes, organizing events like talent shows and cooking classes, which can be perfect for those looking to socialize and experience local culture.

Price and Value for Money

The cost of accommodation needs to match the quality and services provided.

Budget-conscious travellers can find hostels with beds ranging from $14 to $45 per night, with prices approximately 20% higher in high season.

Identifying the best hostels includes balancing the price with the quality of accommodation and services offered.

Top Hostels in Historic Old Town

The historic Old Town of Prague is bustling with activity as tourists explore the top hostels, nestled among beautiful cobblestone streets and charming architecture

Prague’s Old Town is renowned for its historical charm and vibrant city life. It is an ideal location for travellers seeking proximity to landmarks like Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. The hostels here blend modern amenities with the quaint allure of the city.

Sophie’s Hostel

Sophie’s Hostel is known for its sleek design and comfortable lodging. It positions travellers within reach of the Old Town’s intricate architecture and cobblestoned streets.

They provide options ranging from private rooms to shared dorms, catering to various preferences.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bar & Café
  • Airport Transfers

Proximity to attractions:

  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Walking distance to historical sites

Hostel Downtown

At Hostel Downtown, guests are treated to a friendly atmosphere and a schedule of social events perfect for solo travellers and groups alike.

This hostel is near the Old Town Square and ensures that Prague’s significant cultural experiences are merely a stroll away.


  • Group activities
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free city tours


  • Known for outstanding hospitality

The Madhouse Prague

The Madhouse Prague is the go-to for those aiming to indulge in Prague’s lively social scene.

It’s a short walk from the Charles Bridge, offering guests an experience steeped in the area’s street life and nightlife.


  • Common room activities
  • Themed parties
  • Personalized city guides


  • Vibrant and engaging
  • Ideal for mingling with fellow travellers

Hostels with a Social Vibe

Colorful hostels in Prague bustle with social energy. Guests chat in cozy common areas, while others relax in vibrant, comfortable rooms

Prague’s hostels are a mecca for travellers looking to mix and mingle in vibrant social settings. Party hostels, in particular, offer a variety of common areas, bars, and an array of organized activities such as pub crawls, ensuring that the nightlife is as much a part of the experience as the city itself.

The Roadhouse Prague

The Roadhouse Prague stands out for backpackers eager to connect with fellow travellers. It’s renowned for its intimate setting that encourages social interaction.

The hostel’s regularly organized events contribute to its reputation as a prime destination for guests who wish to party and soak up Prague’s unique nightlife.

Czech Inn

Czech Inn is a staple in the Prague hostel scene. It combines the comfort of modern amenities with a buzzing communal atmosphere.

Their bar serves as the nucleus for socializing, and various social events provide guests with opportunities for fun and making new friends.

The hostel is housed in a classic building, merging historic charm with a contemporary traveller’s social needs.

Sir Toby’s Hostel

Hosting travellers since the early days of Prague’s emergence as a backpacker’s hotspot, Sir Toby’s Hostel boasts a welcoming ambience with a touch of old-world charisma.

Their legendary basement bar and regularly scheduled pub crawls are just part of why Sir Toby’s is celebrated among budget travellers seeking a festive atmosphere within a more traditional hostel environment.

Quiet and Private Hostels

A serene courtyard with cozy buildings nestled in the heart of Prague, surrounded by lush greenery and a peaceful atmosphere

Those seeking tranquillity and privacy in Prague’s hostels will appreciate the quieter options that cater to a restful experience. These hostels offer the serenity needed after a day of exploring the vibrant city.

Little Quarter Hostel

Little Quarter Hostel is a haven for travellers desiring a serene atmosphere. It offers private rooms tailored for comfort and discretion, allowing guests to unwind peacefully.

The hostel maintains a laid-back vibe, providing a stark contrast to the bustling streets of Prague.

Travel & Joy Backpackers

Travel & Joy Backpackers is a family-run hostel in a historic building in the heart of Prague. It is just a short walk from popular local and tourist attractions.

Accommodation is budget-friendly, with spacious rooms featuring bunk beds and shared bathrooms. It also houses a traditional Czech restaurant with over a century of history, offering local cuisine and beer.

The hostel also has a fully equipped kitchen, a dining hall, a chill-out room with board games and books, a summer terrace, and a bar with various entertainment options.

Hostels for Solo and Business Travelers

A bustling hostel lobby in Prague, with modern decor and cozy seating areas. Solo and business travelers check in at the reception desk, while others relax and socialize in the common areas

Solo and business travellers often seek hostels that offer a blend of social interaction, comfort, and amenities that cater to their specific travel needs.

Hostel Elf

Hostel Elf sets itself apart for solo travellers with its distinct ambience and welcoming environment. It caters to the community-oriented needs of the solo adventurer.

A notable feature is the free Wi-Fi, which is crucial for leisure and business-related activities.

The hostel offers lockers for securing personal items, which is especially important for those carrying business equipment.

A communal TV area allows for relaxation and social interaction after a day of exploring or working.

Brix Hostel

The hostel features a bar, a chillout lounge, and a patio, which serve as social hubs for guests to enjoy events like local artist exhibitions and live band performances. The lounge offers comfortable seating and fast, free Wi-Fi and is a place for relaxation or planning further travels.

It offers cosy dorms and private suites with custom-built bunk beds designed for comfort and secure lockers for personal belongings.

Kitchens and bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor, and guests have free access to public computers, complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day, a book exchange, and free linen and towel hire. 

Budget Hostels with Great Services

Budget hostels in Prague, vibrant with happy guests enjoying great services and comfortable accommodations

In Prague, a city renowned for its beauty and history, budget-conscious travellers can find exceptional accommodations without breaking the bank. Hostels offering affordable beds and delivering services designed to enhance the guest experience are especially noteworthy.

Plus Prague

Offers a comfortable stay a short tram ride away from Prague’s historic city centre, featuring unique amenities such as a free sauna, an indoor saltwater swimming pool open all year, and the distinction of being the only hostel in Prague with a fitness centre.

The rooms are spacious and well-lit, with ensuite showers, toilets, white bed linens, and cosy duvets.

 Additionally, the hostel provides a ‘PLUS Girls’ area, catering exclusively to female guests with large bathrooms, cosmetic tables with mirrors, hairdryers, a fluffy towel, and a complimentary cosmetics bag filled with goodies.

Safestay Prague Charles Bridge

It is just steps from the National Theater, a 5-minute walk from Charles Bridge, and 10 minutes from the main square with the famous astronomical clock. 

The hostel is accessible for disabled guests, offering two fully adapted rooms and an elevator suitable for wheelchairs. 

The lounge area has been designed for comfort, featuring a huge custom-made sofa perfect for watching movies or sports events.

A guest kitchen is available for those preferring to dine in. The building also boasts a unique basement, a stone-walled cave that provides a cool chill-out area for music and TV, and a public launderette with washing machines and dryers.

Hostel Facilities and Services

The hostel lobby bustles with travelers checking in, while a cozy common area invites guests to relax and socialize. A modern kitchen and clean, comfortable dormitories complete the inviting atmosphere

Hostels in Prague are equipped with amenities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for travellers. They cater to various needs, from culinary provisions to security measures.

Dining and Kitchen Amenities

Most hostels in Prague feature fully equipped communal kitchens, which allow guests to prepare their own meals and save on dining out.

They typically include stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and cooking utensils.

Many also offer complimentary breakfast, ranging from continental to buffet-style options.

Additionally, some hostels house their restaurant, providing convenient dining experiences with a mix of local and international dishes.

Entertainment and Social Activities

For entertainment, hostels in the city are known for their vibrant common areas that foster social interactions among guests.

These spaces often include activities such as pool tables, board games, and book exchanges.

A number of hostels stand out by organizing tours and social events, including walking tours, pub crawls, or cultural outings. This ensures guests have ample opportunities to explore Prague’s rich heritage and lively nightlife.

Neighborhood Guide to Prague Hostels

A colorful street in Prague with charming old buildings, cobblestone streets, and cozy hostels with vibrant signage

In Prague, hostels vary in style and offerings and are distinct by neighbourhood. Each area provides a unique atmosphere and is accessible to different attractions and transport options, like the metro.

Zizkov and Vinohrady

Zizkov is Prague’s bohemian quarter, known for its vibrant nightlife and dense concentration of bars. Here, travellers can find budget-friendly accommodations with an authentic local experience.

Vinohrady, adjacent to Zizkov, is praised for its Art Nouveau architecture and tranquil parks, appealing to travellers who prefer a quieter stay without straying far from the city buzz.

New Town and Holesovice

The New Town (Nové Město) of Prague, boasting the famous Wenceslas Square, is a commercial hub with a dense array of cultural sites.

Hostels in New Town favour travellers who prioritize convenience and proximity to historical landmarks.

Holesovice is often cited for its edgy character and industrial charm. The neighbourhood’s transformation includes creative spaces and contemporary art scenes.

Those staying in Holesovice can expect a local vibe mixed with modern developments.

Prague Castle and Little Quarter

Near Prague Castle, the Little Quarter (Malá Strana) is a historic district.

Hostels here cater to history enthusiasts keen on being steps away from one of the world’s largest castles and cobblestoned streets that tell tales of old.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling hostel lobby with travelers checking in, a map of Prague on the wall, and a friendly staff member answering questions

What are the top hostels in Prague for solo travellers?

The Roadhouse Prague is highly praised for solo travellers due to its community vibe and opportunities to meet other guests.

Onefam Home also offers an inviting atmosphere tailored to individuals exploring Prague alone.

Which hostels in Prague are best for a vibrant party atmosphere?

The Madhouse Prague is known for its lively social scene, including events like pub crawls and nightly activities.

Hostel DownTown also offers a party atmosphere with various social events, fostering a fun environment for guests.

How can travellers find affordable hostels in Prague?

Backpackers looking for budget-friendly accommodation should consider the Czech Inn, which provides affordable stays without compromising quality.

In which area of Prague should one stay for the best hostel experience?

Staying in central Prague districts such as Prague 1 or Prague 2 offers proximity to major attractions and a variety of hostel options, providing a balance between convenience and experience.

What is the typical price range for a hostel stay in Prague?

Hostel stays in Prague generally range from $14 to $45 per night.

The average cost is around $30 per night, which can vary based on location, season, and amenities provided.

Are there any highly recommended hostels for singles travelling to Prague?

Solo travellers often find The Roadhouse Prague and Sir Toby welcoming and accommodating. Both hostels have reputations for excellent service and pleasant stays tailored to single guests.