The Best Hostels in Stockholm: Where Comfort Meets Value

Written by: Chris Richardson

Stockholm, the vibrant capital city of Sweden, offers a broad range of accommodation options catering to the diverse needs of travellers.

Among these options, hostels stand out as an ideal place to stay for those seeking budget-friendly accommodation without compromising on the experience of exploring the city’s rich culture, history, and nightlife.

The best hostels in Stockholm provide more than just a place to sleep; they serve as social hubs where guests can meet fellow travellers, join in communal activities, and get valuable insights into local attractions.

A row of colorful, historic buildings line a cobblestone street in Stockholm, with vibrant signs advertising the best hostels

The city’s hostels are strategically located, allowing easy access to Stockholm’s many islands, historic landmarks, museums, and restaurants.

Travellers can choose from various hostels ranging from the cosy and quaint to the vibrant and social, ensuring a perfect fit for every type of traveller.

Whether searching for the Archipelago’s tranquillity or the city centre’s buzz, Stockholm’s hostels offer the personal touch and communal feel that fosters a memorable travel experience.

Effortlessly combining affordability with Swedish hospitality, the hostels in Stockholm resonate with travellers who wish to delve into the city’s offerings without the high costs typically associated with Scandinavian travel.

They provide a blend of private and shared accommodations, catering to the need for community and personal space, making them a versatile choice for those traversing the city’s cobblestone streets and picturesque waterfronts.

Why Choose Hostels in Stockholm

A bustling common area in a Stockholm hostel, with travelers chatting, playing games, and lounging in cozy seating areas. The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming, with colorful decor and a mix of international accents

Hostels in Stockholm offer an intelligent choice for various types of travellers looking to explore the city while being mindful of their budgets.

These accommodations are typically more affordable than hotels, a critical factor for backpackers and solo travellers seeking to extend their travel without overspending.

Designed for social interaction, hostels often feature common areas, which encourage mingling among guests.

They are trendy among backpackers and solo travellers, offering a lively and international atmosphere.

Family-friendly hostels have also begun to emerge, with facilities and accommodations suitable for families and groups.

They provide the opportunity to stay in a sociable setting while offering the privacy that may be needed by groups or families travelling together.

Top Rated Hostels in Central Stockholm

Brightly lit, modern hostel interiors with cozy common areas and clean, comfortable bunk beds. City map and travel brochures on display

Central Stockholm is known for its vibrant atmosphere and rich history, with several high-rated hostels that cater to travellers looking for comfort and convenience.

These accommodations often provide easy access to not only transport hubs like the Central Station but also to cultural landmarks such as Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace.

City Backpackers Hostel

City Backpackers Hostel is lauded for its city centre location and sociable environment.

It’s a short walk from the Central Station, making it convenient for those arriving by train. They offer amenities that cater to the modern traveller, including free Wi-Fi and a well-equipped kitchen.

Distance from Central Station: Within walking distance
Nearby Attractions: Gamla Stan, Royal Palace
Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Kitchen

Generator Stockholm

Generator Stockholm stands out for its stylish interiors and lively ambience.

This hostel is not only appreciated for its comfort but also its engaging social spaces. It’s close to the Central Station, offering dorms and private rooms to suit different preferences.

Distance from Central Station: Approximately 1km
Nearby Attractions: Old Town, various cafes and shops
Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Social events

Castanea Old Town Hostel

Located in the heart of Gamla Stan, the Castanea Old Town Hostel is a favourite for those seeking a blend of historic charm and modern facilities.

Guests can enjoy the Old Town’s cobblestone streets and historical buildings, with the Royal Palace just a stone’s throw away.

Distance from Central Station: Short metro or bus ride
Nearby Attractions: Old Town (Gamla Stan), Royal Palace
Amenities: Kitchen, Laundry facilities

Cost of Staying in Stockholm Hostels

A row of colorful Stockholm hostels line a cobblestone street, with vibrant signs and open windows welcoming travelers

Stockholm’s hostels cater to various budget needs, with prices fluctuating based on location, amenities, and time of year.

Prices for a night in a Stockholm hostel typically range as follows:

  • Economy: Under 200 SEK
  • Mid-range: 200-300 SEK
  • Premium: Over 300 SEK

Hostels offer different types of rooms, from dormitories with shared facilities to private rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

It is expected to find that dormitory beds are on the lower end of the price spectrum while private rooms are priced higher.

Many hostels go beyond basic accommodations, providing value-added amenities. Some perks include:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: Enhancing guest convenience.
  • Common Areas: Spaces like lounges and shared kitchens to socialize and prepare meals.
  • Included Breakfast: A few hostels offer complimentary breakfast, which can help travellers save on meals.

Prices can vary with the season, with summer months generally seeing peak rates due to higher demand where hostels can book out.

Conversely, travellers may find lower prices during winter, except around holidays and special events.

Amenities and Services

The best hostels in Stockholm offer modern amenities and services, including stylish common areas, comfortable beds, and helpful staff

When choosing a hostel in Stockholm, the amenities and services can significantly enhance a traveller’s experience.

Hostels have evolved to offer more than just a place to sleep, focusing on adding value with services such as complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast options, and various room choices.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Many hostels in Stockholm understand the need for guests to stay connected.

Complimentary Wi-Fi is a standard amenity that is typically available in all areas of the hostel.

Guests can expect a reliable connection to be indispensable for planning their daily itineraries, streaming media, or staying in touch with loved ones.

Inclusive Breakfast Options

Start the day with a satisfying meal, as most Stockholm hostels offer inclusive breakfast options for an additional fee.

The breakfast usually comprises a range of items from cereals and bread to fruits and beverages.

Typical breakfast items include:

  • Cereals
  • Milk and Yogurt
  • Bread and Spreads
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Fruits

Private and Dorm Rooms

Travelers can choose from a variety of room types to match their comfort and privacy preferences:

  • Private Rooms: Often equipped with en-suite facilities, linens, and towels. It is ideal for those seeking a quiet, more intimate space.
  • Dorm Rooms: Perfect for solo travellers or groups looking to socialize. Dorms usually come with personal lockers, clean linen, and access to shared bathroom facilities.

Hostel Life and Social Aspects

A bustling hostel common area with travelers socializing, playing games, and sharing meals. Brightly colored walls and cozy seating create a welcoming atmosphere

Stockholm’s hostels foster a vibrant social environment ideal for travellers seeking connection and local experience.

These accommodations offer communal activities and facilities that enhance guest interaction and cultural exchange.

Hostels typically include communal kitchens, lounges, and dining areas where guests can prepare meals and socialize.

This shared space encourages mingling, storytelling, and the forging of new friendships. The layout of these spaces is deliberately designed to promote an inclusive atmosphere.

Some Stockholm hostels offer organized tours that allow guests to explore the city’s landmarks together.

This not only helps travellers discover Stockholm’s rich history and architecture but also offers an opportunity to bond with fellow adventurers.

Regular events such as game nights, movie screenings, or Swedish “fika” sessions are common ways hostels create a lively social scene.

Some hostels feature on-site bars or pubs, becoming the perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation and conversation.

Hostels in the heart of Stockholm also provide easy access to the city’s nightlife.

They sometimes coordinate pub crawls, which serve as a guided tour through Stockholm’s diverse bar scene and a chance to experience the local party culture with fellow hostel-goers.

You may also find some hostels that will host workshops or language exchange evenings to enrich the cultural experience of travellers.

This becomes an educational experience and a chance to develop international connections.

Location and Accessibility

The bustling streets of Stockholm lead to charming hostels with easy access to public transportation

When visiting Stockholm, travellers find that the city’s hostels offer convenient access to local attractions and transportation networks, ensuring a hassle-free stay.

Proximity to Key Attractions

Stockholm’s hostels, particularly those in the city’s heart, boast an incredible proximity to renowned attractions.

Castanea Old Town Hostel is an excellent example, within a 200-meter walk from the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum, and Stockholm Cathedral.

The hostel’s location in Gamla Stan, the city’s historic centre, places guests amidst cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, signifying an area steeped in history.

STF L√•ngholmen Hostel offers a unique stay on what used to be an old prison island, rich in history and close to natural surroundings, yet still within reach of the city’s cultural sites.

Transportation and Metro Access

Accessibility to Stockholm’s transportation system is a crucial consideration.

City Hostel Central Station underscores its appeal with its name, signalling easy access to transportation, including trains to local and regional destinations from Stockholm Central Station. This was the hostel I stayed in during my first backpacking trip around Europe, and I found it more than adequate for my needs. The rooms were not huge, but they had everything I needed.

Gamla Stan Metro Station is another vital hub for visitors staying in Old Town, providing extensive metro access around the city.

For those travelling by air, getting to and from Arlanda Airport is straightforward, with airport coaches and express trains that connect to Stockholm Central Station, making the transition to and from the hostel smooth and efficient.

Unique Hostel Experiences

A cozy common area with colorful murals, comfy seating, and travelers from around the world chatting and sharing stories

Stockholm’s hostel scene offers more than just a place to sleep; it proposes unique stays that combine Nordic charm with novel lodgings.

AF Chapman – A Ship Hostel

AF Chapman is a stunning ship turned into a hostel anchored on the island of Skeppsholmen. This historical vessel boasts cosy cabins and an impressive maritime allure, turning a standard stay into a memorable maritime adventure.

The interior is gracefully restored to enhance the ship’s classic architecture, providing a unique Nordic experience on the water.

Jumbo Stay – Sleep in a Jumbo Jet

At Jumbo Stay, guests can enjoy the one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend the night in a decommissioned Boeing 747.

The jumbo jet’s transformation into a hostel includes comfortable and cosy accommodations in converted aeroplane cabins. The hostel capitalizes on its unique architecture, offering everything from standard rooms to an exclusive cockpit suite, making for an aviation enthusiast’s dream stay.

Safety and Security

Brightly lit hostel entrance with a sturdy lock and security camera. Well-maintained exterior with clear signage and visible emergency exits

Safety and security are paramount to ensuring a comfortable stay when selecting a hostel in Stockholm. Hostels prioritize these aspects to provide peace of mind for all travellers.

Most hostels in Stockholm provide lockers. Guests are encouraged to use them to secure their valuables.

It is advisable to bring a padlock, although some hostels may provide them at a fee or deposit.

Some hostels offer female-only dorms for women seeking an extra sense of security.

These can provide a more comfortable and secure environment for solo female travellers.

Hostels maintain secure bunk beds and rooms. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that the sleeping arrangements are safe and that there is no compromise in the structural integrity of the beds.

Hostels are often equipped with 24-hour security cameras in common areas.

Reception is either 24/7 or has specified hours with staff available to address safety concerns.

Secure key card access to rooms prevents unauthorized entry.

Beyond physical security measures, the feeling of comfort within the hostel contributes to a secure atmosphere. Hostels strive to maintain a welcoming environment where guests can relax without feeling uneasy.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hostel

Travelers browsing through a list of top-rated hostels in Stockholm, comparing prices and amenities, with a map of the city in the background

When searching for hostels in Stockholm, travellers should consider several key factors to ensure their stay is enjoyable and suitable for their needs.

Price is often a primary concern, and guests should determine their budget beforehand. They can typically find options ranging from economical dormitory-style accommodations to private rooms.

Location is paramount for accessibility and convenience. Tourists should look for hostels centrally located near major attractions or transit hubs, which can significantly save time and transport costs.

A hostel’s cleanliness cannot be overstated. Prospective guests are encouraged to read reviews on sites like Hostelworld for insights into the hostel’s upkeep. A clean environment contributes significantly to the overall comfort and satisfaction of one’s stay.

To gauge the comfort a hostel provides, one should consider the amenities offered, such as cosy communal areas, well-equipped kitchens, and quality bedding. A comfortable stay enhances the overall travel experience, particularly after a day of exploring the city.

Lastly, safety should be a top priority. Hostels with secure lockers, 24-hour reception, and surveillance systems offer guests peace of mind.

Verifying the security measures through recent reviews or directly contacting the hostel is advisable.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling hostel lobby in Stockholm, with a colorful chalkboard listing frequently asked questions about the best hostels in the city

Which hostels in Stockholm offer the best value for money?

City Backpackers Hostel is known for its blend of comfort and convenience at an affordable price. This makes it a preferable option for travellers seeking valuable accommodation.

Can you recommend a hostel in Stockholm with private rooms?

Generator Hostel provides private room options for those requiring more privacy while staying in the city.

What is the most recommended youth hostel in Stockholm for solo travellers?

The Archipelago Hostel Old Town is recommended for solo travellers seeking serenity and a social atmosphere in a compact setting.

Where in Stockholm can I find a hostel that is central and well-connected to transportation?

City Backpackers Hostel is nestled in the heart of Stockholm, offering easy access to transportation and making it an ideal choice for exploring the city.

What are the characteristics of highly-rated hostels in Stockholm?

Highly-rated hostels in Stockholm typically offer a clean environment, friendly staff, and good security and are often located close to major attractions and amenities.

Are there any notable budget hostels in Stockholm near major tourist attractions?

Castanea Old Town Hostel is notable for its proximity to major tourist attractions in Stockholm.

It offers budget-conscious travellers a chance to stay close to where the action is.