Do Hostels Provide Bedding Such As Sheets, Pillows and Blankets

Written by: Chris Richardson

If you’re planning your first stay in a hostel, you may wonder what to pack. The good news is you don’t need to pack any bedding or linen in your backpack or luggage. Hostels provide basic bedding such as sheets, pillows, and blankets for your stay. The bedding is included for the duration of your stay.

The provided sheets won’t be changed until you checkout unless you request new ones. However, that can cost you a fee depending on if you request new sheets and blankets on your second day there instead of after staying there a week or more.

When you book a hostel, the dorm bed will usually be prepped with your sheets and pillow stacked nicely on the bed waiting for you. This allows you to make your bed yourself to ease any concerns. It’s also a great way for staff to know when a bed has been changed and is ready for use. 

Hostels Commonly Provide Bedding To Guests

It’s common practice for hostels to provide sheets, blankets and pillows. Most hostels include clean sheets, a comforter or blanket, and a pillow as part of the room rate.

In the past, some hostels would have charged extra for bedding and towels, but nowadays, it’s rare to find such a practice. A backpacker staying at a hostel doesn’t need to bring their bedding, as it’s already provided. While some travellers prefer to bring a sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner to provide extra protection from bed bugs, it’s not always necessary. Hostel staff also strive to maintain proper hygiene by checking for stained pillows and blankets to ensure a comfortable and clean stay for all.

Bringing Your Bedding Is Usually Not Allowed In Hostels

While it may seem like a smart idea to have your bedding with you when staying at a hostel, it’s important to note that this is usually not allowed. Most hostels have policies against outside blankets or sheets to maintain a high level of cleanliness and prevent the spread of bedbugs from one hostel to another. Plus, many hostels already provide clean and comfortable bedding for guests, so there’s no need to lug around your sheets and blankets. 

While some backpackers may prefer the familiarity of their sheets or pillows from home, it’s not worth the trouble of fitting that into your backpack or carry-on. So cross them off your packing list to take with you.

Travel light, and don’t worry about making room in your suitcase or backpack for your favourite pillow. The hostel has got you covered.

Yes, You Can Bring A Sleeping Bag Or Sleep Sheet

Some backpackers prefer to sleep in a sleeping bag or use a sleep sheet or sleep sack when staying in a hostel to provide extra protection and comfort for themselves. This can be a good idea if you are overly concerned about bed bugs or the hygiene of the hostel or have a specific need, such as skin irritation to some materials. I recommend silk sleeping bags or sheets as they are small and weigh less than common cotton sheets. Remember to wash them regularly to avoid spreading germs or bedbugs on your travels.

These can also be handy if you are in an overly cold hostel room and need extra layers to keep warm. Hostels offer extra blankets for those that do get cold. 

Proper Hygiene Is Important

Proper hygiene is essential in hostels, including regularly checking for stained pillows and blankets. Hostel staff understands the importance of providing guests with clean bedding, so they take strict measures to maintain cleanliness. Guests can be assured that their bedding is fresh and sanitized, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing stay. If you are ever in doubt about a hostel’s reputation, always check reviews on HostelWorld or your chosen booking site to be sure.

By following proper hygiene procedures, hostels ensure their guest’s health and safety and promote good hygiene practices. Therefore, staff and guests must cooperate in keeping the hostel rooms and bedding clean and tidy. Nobody wants to go backpacking and sleep in a dirty or infested bed.